May 18, 2015

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Flood and Malnutrition Blamed For The Onset Of Cholera and Typhoid In Eastern Africa

The current outbreak of cholera and typhoid in the East African countries has been heavily linked to the rise in floods and malnutrition. Health bodies across the globe have confirmed that lack of hygiene in dieting and increased stagnation of water especially during rainy seasons are the main causes of Cholera and Typhoid outbreaks.

Currently, countries such as Kenya and Tanzania are the ones which have been hit hard by the outbreak of diseases. The continued heavy rainfalls in the mentioned countries have seen different parts flooding to the extreme. As a result, a number of people have been affected by ailments suspected to have emanated from the disaster.

Nakuru, which is a town in Kenya was the first one to register the tragic aftermath of floods. A number of casualties are currently undergoing treatment after taking food which was prepared in unhygienic environments. The county government of Nakuru has blamed malnutrition to the rising cases of cholera. As a matter of fact, the county government has already closed down a number of eateries which are located in unhygienic environments in the town and beyond.

Several other cases of malnutrition have been reported in Nairobi, especially in the slum areas. Similarly, the county government of Nairobi has cracked a whip against those selling food in unhygienic environments. So far, a good number of eateries within Nairobi have been closed down for the sake of protecting the health of residents.

A number of other cases have been reported in the city center of Dar Es Salaam and the environs. The drainage system of the city is very poor. The type of soil present in the city is also not so favorable in absorbing water. The terrain is so flat on the other hand. As a result, flooding in Dar es Salaam is almost inevitable. So far, a few cases have been reported where residents of the city and its environs have fallen prey of serious ailments including cholera and typhoid. The outbreak has been heavily attributed to the kind of water that people are using to prepare food especially in commercial eateries.

The government of Kenya and Tanzania is doing a lot in ensuring that outbreak cases are minimized. The Nairobi county government, for instance, has already set aside Ksh 50 million as an emergency fund to repair drainages and also to ensure utmost hygiene in the city.

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