Jun 1, 2015

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Hypertension medicines may cause strokes

While it is widely known that untreated cases of high blood pressure will lead to several cases of other cardiovascular complications, it has also emerged that even hypertension medications are also likely to facilitate chances in patients getting heart failure, stroke and other heart-related conditions. According to the research that was recently done by the University of Alabama, it showed that there are high chances of HBP drugs and the medications revolving around it causing strokes. However, this does not rule out the full benefit of hypertensive drugs, the study reveals.

George Howard, a professor in Biostatistics Department of Public Health led a team that took part in the study. Those studied included a cohort of 26,785 participants that included both white and black individuals aged 45 years and above. In the end, 12, 327 of the total participants received successful high blood pressure treatment. This means that their HBP was lowered to 140 mm HG maximum.

This is the level that has been set for such patients by American Heart Association. On the other hand, 4, 090 of the total participants were unsuccessfully treated. Towards the end of the study and during the follow-up period, out of all that participated in the study, more than 820 patients experienced a stroke. To that effect, the study revealed a basic truth. If it is hard to control high blood pressure, there will be high chances of falling prey to stroke. This will happen even if hypertensive treatment proves a success. Mr. Howard, who took the lead in the study, observed that, “While we strive to treat HBP to the required goal, there is an undisputed rise in the percentage of getting a stroke. In fact, the risk rises by 33%. While patients with 120 mmHg and below are at a relatively better chance of getting successful treatment, those with a higher mmHg and on two or even more high blood pressure medications stand at a higher risk of getting a stroke. The patients’ risk is 2.5 times higher.”

What the study continues to reveal is that one has a higher risk of stroke if they are on more than one hypertension medication. The situation worsens with the increased amount of medications. Is there any remedy or a way to minimize the chances of experiencing high blood pressure in the first place?

“To be on the safe side, you need to ensure that a few important things are in order”, says Dr. George Howard. “At least four things need to be done. 1. Keeping your weight in a normal range is imperative. 2. Do moderate exercise on a regular basis. 3. Your diet should include vegetables, fruits and avoiding dairy foods that contain a lot of fats. 4. Minimize your salt intake.

The report concludes by saying that in order to keep things in the right place, everyone needs to keep their blood pressure at bay.

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