Jun 8, 2015

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Foot Pads That Claims to Pull Toxins Through the Feet Creates a Buzz in the Nutrition World

Many food processors offer special drinks or restricted diets to help get rid of harmful toxins from the body, but Reset Soothing Detox Foot Pad has taken it to a whole new level. The product promises to pull out toxins from the body right out of the user’s feet, quite literally.
The ads of this new product claims that “nothing works in a fast or better way for your overall health and energy as well as vitality”. However, the biggest question that is on everyone’s lips is whether the creators of these foot pads are just taking away money from the customers.
“I was really hopeful that this product would help me lose weight, have more energy at work and sleep better at night”, said Annie Ashel, one of the customers who have tested the detox.
Of course, Ashel had to be optimistic. The product’s ads promised everything; relief from swelling, help for back, neck and shoulder problems in addition to reducing stress, fighting obesity, enhancing vitality levels and even improving sexual dysfunction.
Ashel used the food pads as directed on the product’s package for three consecutive nights. The pad is filled with a number of extracts and is attached securely to the bottom of foot using and enclosed sticky gauge pad.
“The smell of the pad is terrible when you wake up in the morning. The liquid is all over the pads” she said. Initially, Ashel thought that it was a good indication that the toxins were indeed being pulled out of her body, but really felt nothing different. “I was disgusted”, she said.
According to Lisa Everett Anderson, of O’Briend Pharmacy, the body detoxifies itself naturally every hour of the day, but you can benefit from a good detox process if you do it right.
Anderson says that a good detox process is longer and much detailed than just a few overnight foot wraps. It starts with the introduction of vitamins to the body.
You have to start by supplying the body with vitamins coupled with a healthy diet and clean water to help reduce the level of toxins in the body. So, what is the liquid in these food pads? According to Anderson, the moisture and oils from the skin reacts with the chemical in the pad and as moisture levels increase the pads darken, making the user believe that indeed the detoxification process is taking place. However, after a few drops of water on the pad, with no foot involved, the pads did darken!

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