Jun 25, 2015

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SmartPlate – The New Device that Counts Your Calories Fast and Easy

In a fast-paced world such as ours, keeping track of daily calorie intake can be quite a challenge. Nonetheless, we are living in a time when everything seems to have gone smart. From Smartphones to Smart watches to Televisions and now the latest addition, the Smart Plate.

In a bid to help you monitor your calorie intake, a young Philadelphia entrepreneur is taking technology right into your house and onto your dinner table. Antony Ortiz, the brains behind SmartPlate has every reason to believe Americans will embrace his latest innovation.

According to Ortiz, the SmartPlate is designed to track and analyze everything that goes through your mouth instantly. The gadget is fitted with a digital camera that captures images on what is in each section of your plate. It also comes with sensors beneath it, which weighs the actual amount of calories your meal contains.

The information is then transmitted to a database that contains more than 300,000 foods. This is followed by a calculation of calories and other elements and the results sent back to an app installed in your Smartphone.

Ortiz says that the SmartPlate identifies food using color, shape, and texture. The camera can even detect the differences between fried and grilled chicken. He adds that the gadget has an  accuracy of 99.7.

The database automatically expands as you upload details on the kinds of food you are eating, both at home and away.

Even though the device is primarily designed for people who want to keep their weight in check, Ortiz says that his gadget can help people monitoring macronutrients. Athletes can monitor their protein intake while diabetics can keep their carbohydrates intake in check as well.

The SmartPlate will even alert you in case you are overeating. It will tell you what to add and remove from your plate.

Ortiz also runs a healthy meal delivery service Fitly and says that the SmartPlate, just like Fitly was inspired by his father’s heart disease.

He wanted to make a gadget that would reconcile the disparity between food nutrition labels and what people actually eat. He believes that poor diet is a major risk factor as far as certain diseases are concerned. Ortiz says that with a device like SmartPlate people can have a relatively easier time trying to get back on a healthier track.

Ortiz relied on crowdfunding to get his project up and running. A SmartPlate is expected to retail at $ 199 with the first shipment being rolled out next summer.

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