Aug 13, 2015

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U.S Nutrition Experts Echo Their Disapproval Against Junk Food

The U.S health department has again come up with more pressure against junk food. Some days ago, a pressure group from the country advocated for the consumption of junk food, and this is the main reason why health experts have surfaced to challenge that. The motive of the group was to downplay the risks that come with junk food, a move that was seen as suicidal by U.S health bodies.

The Global Energy Balance Network (GBEN), which is a non-profit organization in the U.S, has for long been advocating for healthy activities as opposed to the consumption of junk food. It was among the many organizations that took the initiative to echo their disapproval against junk food materials. In order to lose weight and to avoid the risks that come with obesity, proper exercising has to be done, claims the organization.

One of the key spokesmen of The Global Energy Balance Network, Steven Blair, claimed that members of the society do not understand the secret in losing weight and living a healthy life. In a video captured by one of the U.S media, Blair said that the world needs to be educated about the importance of physical activity in achieving a healthy living.

While he emphasized more on physical exercises, Blair further confirmed that it is not all about junk food. The fact that you have stopped consuming junk materials does not mean that you are assured of weight loss. He claimed that it was a matter of transiting from junk food to physical exercises.

In all the communication platforms that GBEN uses, a lot of emphasis is put on physical exercise and nothing more. In their daily tweets, the organization makes sure that the world knows the importance of taking healthy food and engaging in physical exercises. The official website of the organization also has a lot of information regarding physical exercises. In a nutshell, the company is for body fitness in all aspects.

A different U.S health expert brought to light the need to avoid junk food intake, claiming that the more you eat such materials, the more calories are instilled in your body. This eventually amounts to obesity among people. He further confirmed that in comparison of eating right and taking physical exercises, the latter takes all credit. It is much easier to burn calories in your body through exercises than eating right.

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