Oct 26, 2015

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Americans Continue to Worry About Monsanto

The recent studies have shown that most of the people are really concerned with what they eat. This has been necessitated by the increase in lifestyles illnesses and other complication that may arise later in life due to poor diets that we take. This problem has now been aggravated by the fact that the public outcry is on the genetically modified foods, the GMOs. A food survey done in the United States has revealed that most of the Americans prefer to have what will benefit the body rather than that which tastes good or looks attractive from the shelves.

Questions have risen on how safe are the GMOs and do they really benefit the body or they have long term effects that may never be reversed. Since the introduction of genetically modified corn in the mid 90s, it is estimated that 88 percent of corn and 94 percent of soybean in the United States are genetically modified. This is alarming considering what studies have shown; many genetically modified foods are the cause of some of the modern lifestyle diseases including cancer. Although no ill effects have been documented on the human population yet, 90 percent of rats that were fed on GMO corn came out with cancerous tumors some even the size of a golf ball. This was on a study done in France, year 2012. It was argued though that the study came out with flaws because the wrong kind of rats was used.

Many groups that advocate for foods have been campaigning for the labeling of genetically modified foods insisting that it should be made mandatory. They claim that potential long-term impact on human health has not been adequately reviewed. Questions rise as to why instead of promoting the labeling of its genetically modified products, the Monsanto Company, an American multinational agrochemical biotechnology corporation, have spent a lot of millions to stop the labeling. Monsanto are the makers of Aspartame which is by far the most dangerous food substance in the market which is said to cause, chest pain, coma, dizziness fatigue, irritability, seizures insomnia, numbness, anxiety, panic, cramps, diarrhea, burning in the mouth, tinnitus, memory loss rashes, palpitations, fainting, headaches and depression. They are also involved in the making of Agent Orange which caused illness and death of Vietnam vets.

While promoting Roundup, herbicides used on GMOs, Monsanto said it was safe even on drinking and that it had no side effects. One of their representatives was asked to drink and refused to take it. This further questions the safety of the genetically modified foods on the American society.

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